Parts & Accessories

Parts Inventory

Muscle & Wrench maintains inventory levels at each of our locations throughout the state of Florida.  Our customers benefit from our ability to keep parts on hand.  We stock the most commonly used parts for most major manufacturers.

Muscle & Wrench prides itself on using factory replacement parts, which extends the manufacturer’s warranty to our customers.  We also offer the option of remanufactured parts at the customers’ request.

As a FESPA (Fitness Equipment Service Providers Association) member, Muscle & Wrench has access to a vast nationwide network of resources for parts, including those for obsolete models.

Should our customers require parts only, we can readily ship directly to them with next day delivery.


In addition to mechanical and electronic repair parts, Muscle & Wrench stocks many accessories commonly used in fitness centers.

These include and are not limited to:

  • Weight Pins
  • D-handles
  • Ankle cuffs
  • Dumbbells
  • Magazine racks
  • Tricep pull down ropes
  • Lat pull down bars
  • Olympic bars
  • Water bottle holders
  • Add-on plates
  • Olympic plates
  • Curl Bars
  • Olympic collars
  • Stretch mats
  • Heavy duty floor mats
  • Treadmill mats
  • Cycle mats
  • Cleaning Wipes & Dispensers

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