Preventive Maintenance

What is a Preventive Maintenance Agreement?

An agreement to conduct regularly scheduled visits to inspect, clean, calibrate, adjust and test the fitness equipment.  Visits can be scheduled on a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or bi-annual basis depending on the needs of the facility.

Why should we have a Preventive Maintenance Agreement?

  • To maintain the safe operation of your equipment
  • To protect your warranty by fulfilling its maintenance requirements
  • To protect your substantial investment, by extending the life of the product
  • To prevent down-time
  • To protect the users of the equipment
  • To maintain a clean and safe facility and work out experience
  • To provide a detailed accounting of the history of the maintenance and repairs to your equipment
  • To meet the safety requirements of your insurance company

What work is performed during a Preventive Maintenance?

  • Inspection of mechanical and electrical parts
  • Cleaning and adjusting entire product
  • Inspection of moving parts on strength equipment, ie. cables, pulleys and pins

What are the consequences of NOT performing regular Preventive Maintenance?

  • Minimizes the life expectancy of the equipment, and your investment
  • Safety is compromised, exposing owners to liability
  • Facility appearance can become undesirable to users
  • Increased down time creating customer complaint
  • The cumulative effects of a lack of maintenance can create many preventable repairs
  • Puts your equipment & members at risk thru lack of maintenance
  • Risk losing warranty coverage thru lack of proper maintenance